InvestigatingNatural Theology

Since 1887

“I am persuaded that nothing but good can result from free discussion.”
Adam Lord Gifford, (1820–1887)

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What Is Natural Theology?

Natural theology is typically described as a revelation-free, reason-informed theology, and is most often associated with proofs for the existence of God.

For Lord Gifford, who established the Gifford Lectures to investiage natural theology in the widest sense of the term, natural theology includes the knowledge of God, the knowledge of God’s nature and attributes, and the relationship of humans and the world to God, as well as the nature and foundation of ethics or morals.

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Founded by Adam Lord Gifford in connection with the four ancient Scottish universities, the Giffords are "a Lectureship or Popular Chair for the purpose of ... 'Promoting, Advancing, Teaching, and Diffusing the study of Natural Theology,' in the widest sense of that term".